Laura Andrew

Laura Andrew found her connection with art and nature from a very young age, growing up in the Lincolnshire countryside. At university she specialised in Natural History and Scientific Illustration which led to a career in commercial illustration. Today Laura lives and works as a fine artist in Lincoln, still specialising in wildlife but often artwork takes its form as oil on canvas or Lino prints.


She comments ‘’Being close to wildlife and observing its behaviour is something I have always felt compelled to do. To capture and translate the beauty, the vulnerability.. the ‘essence’ of the subject into art is my challenge .  In my paintings, colour must sing and vibrate, whilst retaining pure accuracy of hue relating to the subject. I search for the subtle nuances created by light and shade and much time is spent mixing paint until the perfect 'natural world palette' is achieved.’’ Laura’s paintings manage to achieve a delicate balance between consideration and spontaneity.  Throughout the year she travels the rivers and canals by boat, searching for inspiration in the natural world.


She has exhibited at The Mall Galleries in London, as well as extensively in the Lincolnshire region.